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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ukrainian Easter Eggs hand painted by a Ukrainian Artist Anna Perun of Ukrainian Treasures

Ukrainian Easter Eggs hand painted by a Ukrainian Artist Anna Perun of Ukrainian Treasures

All my beautiful Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) are hand decorated with hot beeswax while dipping the eggs in various dyes. After removing the wax, the eggs are emptied through a small hole in the bottom and several coats of polyurethane are added for glossy UV protection and shine.

Aside from being very popular around Easter time, Ukrainian Pysanky are often given as unique and precious gifts to family and friends. Ukrainian Easter Eggs can be exchanged with friends for Easter and the Christmas Holiday Season. Ukrainian Pysanky make remarkable house decorations, beautiful gifts for loved ones, remarkable Christmas tree ornaments, and can be used to create an incomparable display in your home or office at any time of the year. Your family and friends will marvel over their distinctive beauty. Surprise that special someone in your life with a beautifully illustrated and 100% traditional Ukrainian egg!

Surround your home and the People you Love with Ukrainian Pysanky!!! This photo Features my dear friend and Legendary "Minstrel" Albert Dannenmann (Cantus Lunaris).
I discovered these lovely Pysanky and the tools used to make them more than twenty years ago in a local Ukrainian shop. Shortly after my discovery, I decided to honor my Ukrainian heritage by teaching myself the ancient art form of Ukrainian egg decorating, and learning the traditional motifs and their ancient significance. I began creating my own Pysanky in 1994, a few years after arriving in the United States from Ukraine. With over twenty one years of experience, I can proudly say that I have celebrated my heritage in a meaningful way by bringing the beauty of Pysanky to people all around the world. You can find more of my lovely Pysanky designs on Flickr at the following web address:

My Artistic Pysanky o Flickr:

Dyes used for creating Pysanky are mixed with natural vinegar. Wax used to create my designs is 100% real beeswax. All my packaging and shipping supplies are made from recycled and reused materials to help protect our environment and thank"mother earth for all the amazing gifts she brings to us.

Thank you for visiting my Pysanky world. I hope you enjoyed your colorful visit. Please be sure to stop by again any time your heart desires to discover my latest Pysanky creations!

Many Blessings and Love from our Family to yours!!!

~Anna Perun and her Daughter Mariana Roberts
(Your Pysanky Mother and Daughter Team)

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